What is your purpose?

What is your purpose?

Everyone live a happy life.

At least that’s what you see. People smiling, sharing happiness on their social media, talking about how great their day’s were in every meeting.

You smile. You listen to their stories. And you smile again while thinking “how did they got there?”.

Because you feel your life is so insignificant. Nothing really matter in your life. Everything is just so plain and dull, and meaningless.

You tried to be happy. You eat at a fancy restaurant and wearing the freshest clothes out there. But it just doen’t feel the same. You can’t feel what they feel as you saw in their social media.

Maybe this is you. And it’s your life. Building up from miserable character into the main character soon enough. All you gotta do is survive the whole plot, right?

I shouldn’t think this much, as per now i lost my legs because a car run me over and people rushing toward me trying to keep me awake. Life really have a flashback on your last breath.

See you in another life.

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