Freaking Out

Freaking Out

Today i logged in into my WordPress for the first time in 2020. My plan is to write a simple stuff, post it, and just continue to live my life like nothing happened.

But i can never do that.

WordPress always gave me some warnings right away on the admin dashboard page. PHP version outdated, my themes and widgets are vulnerable, and people would never notice you if you left them. Those updates gave insecurities. I can never take them easily.

So i’m sitting there for hours. Try to fix things that i need to fix. Luckily i can do it quick enough so i have the time to write this post before my macbook went black.

New themes like i always wanted, neat post, working sidebar if you open it via desktop browser, finally i figured it out how to make it.

Now all i need to do is write regularly. If my honkai impact 3 gameplay doesn’t disturb me i think i could do it. Cheers. Why you reading this random things tho? It is literally a random things like the tag said.

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