Screw Me

Screw Me

It’s a pretty busy Monday for someone who is work from home like me. Kinda unusual activity happened. Starting up my day with playing mobile games, and continue dismantling my motorcycles because i need to find one missing screws. I don’t know but this missing screws has been screwing my minds since last weeks. My vehicle making some strange sound when you start from 0 kph. Something inside it’s body is vibrating. And I’m pretty sure that loss screws is the culprit behind it.

I even ask my dad’s help to find those kinda special screws. This things even has special groove in it that even the same size of screws cannot replace the missing one. I manage to “urgently” sneak out during this semi-lockdown state just to find one missing screws. I went to nearby tool-shop, ask the shopkeeper for a very specific kind of screw, and hell he can’t even find the screw like the one I’m missing.

And that’s how i summarize my day. Finding a missing screw. How was yours? I hope you do well. Keep eating healthy foods, drink water, exercise regularly, and have enough sleep. Having a bad weather day on this kind of pandemic event could lead a disaster to yourself. Stay safe.

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