Taken from oxford dictionary:

1. Cause (someone) to be distracted from an immediate or important issue.
“He does not let himself get sidetracked by fads and trends”
2. Direct (a train) into a branch line or siding.
“The train is sidetracked onto a line leading to a terminal”
1. A minor path or track.
“The horse took a sidetrack which led uphill”

Why suddenly i wrote this?

Because this is everyone biggest enemy. We’re living in the middle of pandemic. Trying to figure out things on our own. How we survive all of this. How to stay alive. The goal is CLEAR about what we need to do. But there’s this word.


I still learn full stack development when i wrote this. Still trying to figure how things works. But in the meantime i got HUGE sidetrack. Instead of focusing how i understand things (basic things that can get the jobs done) i throw my energy at things that made my problem more convenient. Here’s my little example:

PostgreSQL won’t run automatically on WSL2
Use linode and host your database online. So you not gonna worry where you are you still can access your little personal database
Aftermath of the solution:
Making your linode safe and secure, also setup VPN on top of it to encrypt all your data so the govt can’t look into what you’re doing
Cause of the problem:
Learning programming <– still unsolved because i got sidetracked into oblivion

Yeah, i need to stop myself from making my own rabbit hole. Playing with server sure fun, but i need to make myself clear where i am and where i’m heading.

Oh you read all of this? Hit me up and we can talk personally about it. I’ll be pretty happy to answer all your question.

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