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Things You Should Talk (Or You Should Not)

Things You Should Talk (Or You Should Not)

Have you ever keep a things on yourself for god knows how long is it?

Or you keep telling things to your relation. Whether it is important or just a blabbering one?

Have you ever confused which one you should talk to people or keep to yourself for your own good?

I’ve been there.

And you know what? It’s so stressful when you start thinking about it. Are you made the right decision in your past month? Are you keeping things right? Or you just stressed out yourself because you got no one that listen to you?

You want to change yourself. You start speaking up to your closest relation about it. And what did you get? Did people start listening to you for real? Or was it only because they’re being nice to you?

This is my cry for help. To you, whoever read this in the future. Please be there if someone really need your presence. Even your presence could mean so much to people like me.

Seek for a professional help, vi. Goddamit.