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How To Manually Decrypt a Drive Using EEtech

How To Manually Decrypt a Drive Using EEtech

Have you ever confused because you can’t decrypt and encrypted drive?

Is using McAfee Drive Encryption (will be referred as DE later) causing you so much pain in the ass? Because you can’t read the data on encrypted drive and EEtech saying that your drive is not encrypted?

This is gonna be a long write-up. I work as a vendor handling DE products. As a vendor, you can get help from international support line that provided by your product. But unfortunately, this product support isn’t that good.

The frustation of waiting for reply is driving me insane. I live in a third world country where fast internet is still a luxurious things and the client site has this bad signal reception so i can’t call support line using skype (life hacks, you can free-call US toll free number using skype. You’re welcome.)

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