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Easter Sunday Blabbering

Easter Sunday Blabbering

I decide to try write daily on this blog. What would i post? I don’t know for now. It’s more like my facility to write in english since my english skill seems weaken in the past years. I used to talk with myself using english during college years. But after i graduated, i can’t talk with myself again for unknown reason. And gradually my english skill decreasing since then. Pretty weird, since i’m weird enough.

Oh, i addicted to Honkai Impact 3 for the past few days.

This game has been stuck in my head for about 3 days. Just like any other mobile games, this game is full of microtransaction. It’s a choice, as always. You can choose to be free-to-play player or if you have cash sitting around doing nothing you surely can inject those to boost your progression. I love the character on this game. Animation are well made, too. And there’s an actual story regarding the character, not just “hurr durr here’s a story for a formality” kinda game. I spent like 4k crystal just to get my basic characters and to be honest i’m pretty happy with my pull. Right now i enjoy playing this game so much. So, if you text me and i’m not replying, i might be captaining those cuties finishing quest here and there while improving my team. Teehee

And, my hometown finally went into local procedure named PSBB (Pembatasan Sosial Berskala Besar), basically a lockdown with some adjusment to local law. Just in time when i’m getting focused with honkai impact

On a serious note, i hope everyone joining this campaign by staying at home. Do not go out until you urgently needed to do so. Our medical team already working at their best helping everyone whose infected by covid-19. Let’s help them not spreading the virus any further. You might already infected. Stay at your goddamn home.

That’s it for now. I hope tomorrow i can post using my mobile phone. Been working on it since afternoon but for some reason it doesn’t work out. Maybe because i self-hosted this? But it should be working. I don’t know. Have a plenty of time to figure it out. If i’m not busy playing honkai impact 3 for sure

Cheers. Stay safe.