Taken from oxford dictionary:

1. Cause (someone) to be distracted from an immediate or important issue.
“He does not let himself get sidetracked by fads and trends”
2. Direct (a train) into a branch line or siding.
“The train is sidetracked onto a line leading to a terminal”
1. A minor path or track.
“The horse took a sidetrack which led uphill”

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Becoming a Full Stack Developer

Becoming a Full Stack Developer

Currently in learning mode since July 2020. I’m learning fullstack js using ME-N stack. Probably will posting some fun projects in here. But during 2 months learning process, i still have so many things i haven’t learn.

Today’s skillset:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • NodeJS
  • ExpressJS
  • MongoDB

Basically i could do backend using express & mongo. But things you need to be done to become a fullstack developer is a long way to go.

I haven’t learn:

  • Frontend (React, Vue, Angular)
  • Authentication handling
  • Dashboard
  • Exploring Express Library

We’ll see if i able to do it in the next few months. And good things my website can host NodeJS apps. Looking forward to put a little fun things in here!