Becoming a Full Stack Developer

Becoming a Full Stack Developer

Currently in learning mode since July 2020. I’m learning fullstack js using ME-N stack. Probably will posting some fun projects in here. But during 2 months learning process, i still have so many things i haven’t learn.

Today’s skillset:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • NodeJS
  • ExpressJS
  • MongoDB

Basically i could do backend using express & mongo. But things you need to be done to become a fullstack developer is a long way to go.

I haven’t learn:

  • Frontend (React, Vue, Angular)
  • Authentication handling
  • Dashboard
  • Exploring Express Library

We’ll see if i able to do it in the next few months. And good things my website can host NodeJS apps. Looking forward to put a little fun things in here!

Raspberry Pi 4 Adventure – The Beginning

Raspberry Pi 4 Adventure – The Beginning

This morning i have sudden urge to buy Raspberry Pi 4.

And the item came around 17.30, peak boomer moment.

There’s the item sitting in front of me. Raspberry Pi 4. With 4 gigs of memory. Pre-installed 32 gigs MicroSD with raspbian. I’m planning to make this into local DNS. DHCP, Printer, and NAS server. That’s the original plan. But will it turn into RetroPie gaming console? The possibility is there. We’ll see where it goes hehehehehe…..

When it’s arrived i straight plugging it in into my home network using ethernet port that’s already built-in with the board. But i can’t connect to any services. Turns out everything is disable of raspbian by default. You need to enable it first using external monitor, a keyboard, and a mouse like a normal computer.

When you enable it all everything went smooth. There’s one weird moment when i can’t connect to it’s VNC server. Turns out i need to change the display resolution using “raspi-config” subcommand and change the res into maximum resolution available there (1920×1080). After a reboot the VNC work flawlessly.

Nothing is worth noticing at the moment. Still looking through some tutorial and basic command. This is just a writeup of 1 hour Raspberry Pi 4 playaround. Leave a comment for another tips if you had one. Let the journey, begin!